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Palm Sunday, April 13th

The Crucified King: The King’s Reform

Old Testament: Isaiah 50:4-9a
Epistle: Hebrews 5:1-10
Gospel: Matthew 21:1-17

Flowers are given for Larry Welch’s birthday.

April 13th Announcements (PDF)

Holy Week Schedule

  • Palm Sunday - April 13; 8:15 & 10:45am Services
  • Maundy Thursday - April 17; 7:00pm Service with First Communion
  • Good Friday - April 18; 7:00pm Service (all day prayer vigil 6am-6pm)
  • Easter Sunday - April 20; 6:00am Sunrise Service; 8:15 & 10:45 Services
    Easter Breakfast served 7am-10:15am

"The Choice to Rejoice"

Each and every day we make an endless number of choices, from the most trivial to the most significant. But how many of us wake up each day and make a conscious choice to rejoice? How do we live in the joy that comes from knowing the love of God that is shown to us in Christ, regardless of the circumstances of the day? The Apostle Paul wrote a very special letter to the church in Philippi that overflows with joy and thanksgiving. This series will bracket the time both before and after the season of Lent. Together we will explore this joy filled letter and learn how Paul was able to rejoice even as he writes as a prisoner in Rome.


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Sunday morning 8:15AM (Traditional)
Sunday morning 10:45AM (Contemporary)

We offer nursery care for children under 3 years of age during our Bible Study at 9:30am (Sunday School classes available for children 3 & over), and under 6 years of age during the 10:45am worship service. We are also looking for more people to staff the nursery. If interested, please call Stephanie: 847-931-1520

Education Hour

Sunday morning 9:30AM. Bible study and Sunday School.
New bible study begins at 9:30am on Sunday, March 2nd. What’s your favorite oxymoron? Is it jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, or perhaps express mail? We laugh at these because they poke a little bit of fun at our culture and don’t really cause any harm. But how about this one...Christian atheist? How many of you have heard that one before? Those are certainly two words that don’t, or at least shouldn’t go together. But what if we were to actually take that seriously and consider the implications of what a Christian atheist might look like?
In many ways this aptly describes a serious problem in the church. “Christian atheist” is not so much a statement of belief as it is a statement regarding behavior. This week we will being a discussion along with author and Pastor Greg Grosechel as we explore the topic, The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living as if He Doesn’t Exist. It is sure to challenge our own walks of faith as we seek to live as true disciples of Jesus Christ.

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