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Sunday, June 28th

Paul 1.0 --- Look What God Can Do

Old Testament: Lamentations 3:22-33
Epistle: 2 Corinthians 8:1-9, 13-15
Gospel: Mark 5:21-43

Flowers are given for Jeff & Deb Mack’s 31st wedding anniversary.

June 28th Announcements (PDF)

2015 Summer Sermon Series, Paul 1.0

The Apostle Paul is widely regarded as the greatest evangelist that ever lived. As the author of the vast majority of the New Testament, it is his writings, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that provide for us the foundational understandings of our faith. Our series Paul 1.0 seeks to take a closer look at the man who God used so powerfully to grow His church. We will begin by considering what his early life may have been like. Our feet will be dusty as we travel with him on that road to Damascus. It is then on board a ship, we will set off on his first missionary journey. Our summer travels will end back in Jerusalem as Paul and the apostles gather for a critical council meeting. So pack your bags and grab your passport as we begin our new series, Paul 1.0.

VBS - What a Great Week

Things are cleaned up, put away, and sent back. Volunteers have dried off, slept later than 7:30, and may have taken a nap or two. Kids have listened to the CD countless times, played with their gizmos and buddies, and have wondered what Trek has been up to the last few days. VBS ended just a week ago, but we pray that the work of the Holy Spirit continues in the lives of the children, families and volunteers. Thank you to everyone who made VBS possible! We literally couldn’t have done it without you. It is not too late to donate to VBS financially. It is the Mission Project for the month. Mark your calendars now for VBS 2016: Cave Quest - Following Jesus the Light of the World. It will all happen June 13-17, 2016.

KOG Choir

Make a joyful noise: If you like to sing and can attend the 8:15 service (either regularly or upon occasion), then please consider joining the KOG Choir now being formed. We need all voice ranges, male and female voices. Practice will be on Wednesdays at 7pm at KOG, led by our Choir Director, Brian Crow. Please consider this gift of your time and talents - we would love to have you join us! If interested, please contact either Brian Crow or Cindy Meseke.

Parenting Christian Kids

Destination Heaven

Use your bodies to form statues representing something at a favorite vacation spot. Ask: What’s the best thing about that place? How long would you want to stay there? Why? Say: There are many great places to visit, but none compares to our ultimate destination. Heaven is a perfect place to live forever. Have family members line up along a wall. Instruct them to get to the other side of the room without touching the floor in any way. Afterward, ask what was needed to get across the room. Say: You needed someone else’s help, and getting to heaven is the same way. Read Romans 10:9. Say: The only way we get to heaven is by believing that Jesus is Lord and that he rose from the dead. Share what you’re each looking forward to about heaven, and close in prayer.

Quote to Live By

God's work done in God's ways will never lack God's supplies. -Hudson Taylor

Did You Know?

Every Sunday at 7:30am, Pastor Doug, Stephanie and the Elders meet to pray for the worship services. We pray for everyone who is preparing to worship that day (even if they’re not awake yet), that nothing would be a distraction, that God would give the words to Pastor Doug to say (and also what not to say), for visitors who will be joining us, for any non-Christians who may be sitting in our midst, along with many other prayers and petitions. Prayer changes things and is VITAL for transforming lives, relationships and serving the world. You are invited any time as we come before the Lord in prayer.

Power of Prayer

We meet Wednesday mornings at 7am in the sanctuary.


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Sunday morning 8:15AM (Traditional)
Sunday morning 10:45AM (Contemporary)
Sunday, July 5th, 2015: Combined 10:00AM service

We offer nursery care for children under 3 years of age during our Bible Study at 9:30am (Sunday School classes available for children 3 & over), and under 6 years of age during the 10:45am worship service. We are also looking for more people to staff the nursery. If interested, please call Stephanie: 847-931-1520

Education Hour

Sunday morning 9:30AM. Bible study and Sunday School.
Ages 3 years - adult will have opportunities to grow in their faith and interact with God’s Word and other people. Children and middle schoolers will meet in the basement. High school students and adults will meet in the Sanctuary.

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